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-year highs, does a second obama term equal another bull run? mike ryan, ubs chief investment strategist, next. ♪ this happy couple used capital one venture miles for their "destination wedding." double miles you can "actually" use. but with those single mile travel cards... [ bridesmaid ] blacked out... but i'm a bridesmaid. oh! "x" marks the ot she'll never sit. but i bought a dress! a toast... the capital one venture card. fly any airline, any flight, anytime. double miles you can actually use. what a coincidence? what's in your wallet? [ all screaming ] watch the elbows ladies. [ male announcer ] to hold a patent that has changed the modern world... would define you as an innovator. to hold more than one patent of this caliber... would define you as a true leader. ♪ to hold over 80,000... well, that would make you... the creators of the 2013 mercedes-benz e-class... quite possibly the most advanced luxury sedan ever. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. ♪ lou: stocks moving higher on wall street today, mike ry
a second obama term equal another bull run? mike ryan, ubs chief investment strategist, next. ♪ ♪ lou: stocks moving higher on wall street today, mike ryan will join us here in just moments, but, first, the dow up 62.5 points. the s&p gained six and a half, both indexes at the highest levels in five years. the nasdaq up eight points, and volume more today, a half billion shares, and after the close, google reported earnings up 36%. google beating targets and moving higher in after hours trading as expected. maker of blackberry, research in motion, hot up more than 12% today, more than 50% since the beginning of the year. not a bad ride. apple up after earnings after the close tomorrow, and the investigation continuing into the battery's powering boeing's 787 dreamliner. the japanese made lithium battery packs believed to be the cause of the fire on two aircraft. the company also making lithium batteries for hybrid and electric cars that has implications beyond boeing. advanced battery technology at the heart of objections to the sale of battery maker a213 #. the strategic council, a p
to try. senator mike lee is proposing a constitutional amendment to balance the budget. like it's not enough for lawmakers to understand the dire circumstances in, we need an amendment to the constitution to force them to only spend the money we send to washington and no more. here's what senator lee told me earlier. >> we need to do this because we need permanent structural spending reform so that we don't find ourselves back in the same position every six to 18 months raising the debt limit. melissa: i love it. why not get the house in order? bring in today's money power panel. james friedman, editor of the "wall street journal," and gretchen, executive director of public notice, and the president of better markets. welcome back to the show, everyone. gretchen, starting with you, what do you think about this? this help a lot? go ahead. >> it's a noble idea and should strive for it. there's things to take care of first. actually look at having a budget. it's been 1300 days since we had a budgetment find ways to cut spending and get the fiscal house in order, and a balanced budg
on fox. steve, and elizabeth and rick and mike and bill. steve, who do unions have to blame for >> the public sector salaries are unaffordable . private sector, people are find figure you want real growth, you can't be strangle in the work rules. in chicago, unions made a few concessions because conventions are saying we'll not come and can't get anything done. >> there is a sense that the unions care more about the political power than jobs. look at what happened to boeing 747 and twinkies . american airlines. they went bankrupt. >> i will not deny that unions haven't played a roll in shooting themselves in the foot. they did to some deagree. you do find that 50 percent of it was due to anticollective bargaining agreements that we are seeing in the states . right to work legislation . these things are taking a toll. we are seeing the thing that is unions spent so many years fighting for is now codified as part of federal law. it is not over yet. california numbers are going up. >> emac. the fact is, a lot of right to work laws are hurting the unions and people are voting fo
you like them? >> they supplied for samuel morris . did a good job. >> mike, they have been around. >> turning into a commodity business and too much competition and hurting margins and a time warner, why do you like them now? >> they are adding great programming like the los angeles lakers and paying for that bypassing through price ipcreases to their customers. >> loving that sports programming. what do you think emac. >> i wish television subscribers would stick around. they have been losing customers. >> that's it for forbes on fox. stick around eric boling's debut on cashin' in. >> man, it is cold out here. cold enough to freeze a new york city fountain . why would lawmakers want to spend 14 trillion of your money on global warming . it is time to put that argument on ice. how hot is that super bowl ad. hot enough to heat up the internet . two golf greats, driving a message to tax happy lawmakers. see if their message is heard. cashin in kicks off right now. good morning, i am eric bowl glad you are joining us. mr. wayne rogers and johnathon honic and tracey burns and sandra s
: that was the explanation. we are bringing in mike baker now. the accountability review board came out. we knew that there were serious administrative and logistical screw ups leading up to the incident. we knew that. they did not address some of the issues which i am sure she will not address. who was in the white house situation room that night of the incident? did anyone request authorization to at least try a rescue attempt? was it denied? how could the president just fail to at least try, to at least put planes of in the air, to at least try to put up a response. connell: there was no delay in the response. mainly delays in the attacks. you mentioned the tone. there was an exchange with ron johnson of wisconsin, talking over and over about the u.n. ambassador on the sunday shows after the attacks, and whether or not the american people were misled by ambassador rice, and here's that exchange. senator johnson speaking, and secretary clinton answering. watch this. >> we were misled there was supposedly protest, and then something sprang out of that. that was easily ascertained that that was
. and next hour, cia covert orangeses officer, mike baker joins us, and energy independence in the realm of terrorism and the shaky countries in north africa. we'll be back on that one. time is money and quickly, headlines, all of the headlines involve big personalities. lawsuits involving energy drinks continue to rise. the man you love to hate, or you hate to love, depending which way you look at it. attorney, mark lanier is going to join us. which drinks would he go after. and we will the top mobster in all of russia gunned down in the middle of the moscow. i want to know is russia actually run by the mob? we have an expert, a professor, no less. he studies the russia mob and he's going to be on this program today. told you, great show. take a hook at the dow since president obama took office, up what, 65%. a lot of people point to this as proof that the president's policies are working and first inauguration just under 8300 and now 13-5. but many in the mainstream media credit the president for the stock market taking off. you can bet that charles payne has a lot to say about that an
". this would be a trophy prize for mayor mike bloomberg who owns 90% of bloomberg. essentially ft has 2.1 million readers for the first time. for the first time the digital readers outpaced and exceeded its print readers. essentially could they afford it? mike bloomberg personally is worth 25 billion. that company, bloomberg pulls in 7 billion. ft is not for sale that pierson tells fox business. categorically denying that anyone is seeking a purchaser for "the ft". for the pierson side, this is coming up through a ceo. came up through the education ranks. pearson. he is talking to people over there, according to insiders pearson is becoming more of an education textbook company, right? that the newspaper, the newspaper business is getting chewed up by, eviscerated by the internet. bloomberg may --. lori: how did that work out for them? >> well, it was a rough digestion of that magazine. the magazine was really struggling. it almost went under. the way they did the redesign made a very dreary read and not an exciting read. business week is coming back. but the thing with whether or not h
st. what do we do now? mike lee joining me from capitol hill. senator lee, thanks for coming on. you know, i think a lot of americans are surprised to hear right now that we still have sequestering in place with all the rangeling going on in the last couple days. what's the plan? >> you know, at this point, there's no plan on the table because the attention has all been focused on the debt limit issue, and two are related, of course, because, ultimately, it's not the debt limit itself the problem. it is the spending that goes on propelling us forward with having the raise the debt limit every six to 18 months because we can't get spending under control. passing this in 2011, raised the debt limit then, put in place automatic cuts to kick in if the super committee dbt have a proposal. they are about to kick in. >> what do you think is going to happen? what's the talk? >> you know, there's a lot of talk in congress about the need to move towards targeted cuts of the same amount as what were called for in the sequesters. that takes a disproportionally large bite out of the defense infra
will be right back. ♪ connell: it is still cold out there. subzero temperatures. dagen: mike tobin is not dressed well enough. he is in a very cold chicago. >> well, i have a puffy coat and optimism from i called pat helps keep me warm. the firefighters -- there is a fire that has been burning for days. it has turned into a huge ice castle. as the ice builds up, there is now a risk of collapse. good luck to those firefighters in these bitter cold temperatures. the upper midwest, the northeastern states are getting it. it is so cold that new hampshire ski resorts have shut down. several deaths have resulted from the cold. the lake effect is doing its thing. it may mean that you get a day off of school. it may without some snow accumulation for the first time in in a ms. long -- ending this long dry spell. dagen: you are a tough guy because your ears are not covered. connell: thank you. timothy geithner said to be leaving tomorrow. jack lew is making his rounds on capitol hill today. dagen: jpmorgan ceo with liz claman and davos, switzerland. we will have some of that interview comin
mike mullen said, former admiral joint chiefs of staff. what do you think of the comment there? >> well, i'd want to see the comment, but we can't let it become that kind of choice. we have to have a defense that can do the job of prereceiverring and protecting our freedoms and standing up for american safety, for instance, wherever they may be around the world. at the same time, we need to have entitlement programs. i'm for investing in young people. i am for protecting older people. my mother thought that she had paid for everything she drew out of medicare, bless her heart, but paid into medicare 20,000 and drew out 100,000. there needs to be reforms. we have to control spending across the board. look at the pentagon. i'm not opposed to that. you need a sensible defense program reflecting what the needs are today in to protect the country and defend our bogses around the world. liz: senator, how much of the problem is the fact that washington, d.c. seems to be living in bubble city? you know, the real estate's going strong, lobbyists, consul at that particular times in the -- consult
are dropping. sales were not as robust as expected. across the board to mike cannibalization. the average price dropped. it's about pricing, and for the third time apple has shown the investment community that there not going to keep beating on the numbers. gerri: it will be interesting to see if apple continues to lose momentum. >> investors should know, don't try to catch a falling knife. that really applies in this particular situation. gerri: you would not buy on the way down. >> you would not let it continue to drop. apple will form a base. there might be an opportunity to get back in because on the pew evaluation level it is a cheap company, but it's also getting cheaper because of these margins gerri: to other stocks are want to talk to you about that have earnings coming up tomorrow and next week, microsoft and yahoo. we will start with microsoft. >> by microsoft before earnings tomorrow afternoon. gerri: what you like it? >> because we have windows eight which everyone seems to be disappointed in, but i think we're going to see that enterprise software and other areas of microsoft, inc
posted on facebook. mike says, not too far in implementing safety measures preventative and responding to emergencies, overreacting, expelling 5-year-olds for talking about bubble making guns. kathy says, way too far. that's stupid and lacks common sense of a 5-year-old. we asked the question on our website, 82% said, yes, and 18% said, no. log on to gene writes, "the energy department is wasting billions to keep itself going. if we have to invest in wild ideas, get rid of half the department of energy. they have 16,000 federal blows on the payroll and 90,000 contract employees, and nobody knows what they all really do." al says, "tired of politicians talking about medicare and social security being the only way to save money. have every federal employee pay their own health insurance like in the private sector. that, alone, comes close to balancing the budget in 2013. now to pay for the $16 trillion plus in debt, do the same for the pension plans." i wish. cor ray says, "congress needs cang l how to negotiate, how to get along with others, the importance of working, a
named mike in 2008. this was assembled on-the-fly, on the fly, but it is by definition and according to men's warehouse, a chuck zito. neil: okay. i stand corrected. my young friend, you are splendid circularly as you are reportorial eight. it is indeed a tux. if i would go to a big event like that, i would get something that looks like a tux. but i am not that an event that requires a tux. now we have pat buchanan has all sorts of cuts he does. >> do you have any thoughts on the president's speech, what did you make of it? to i the macbook and the president of the united states plans on the politics of confrontation and conflict with republicans. and not conciliation with consensus. neil: what you make about the markets? being concerned are anxious, we are beginning to see some futures market trading. i don't want to take too much away from asian trading. there are a variety of factors. if the president would've done something that would spook them, they would've sold off, but instead they have sold off on a incredible market advance. what do you make of their take on what the presi
study women like their oldest at 330 every wednesday afternoon. mike? because wednesday is supposedly the best -- most stressful day of the week. combine that with the mid afternoon slump and spells disaster. another reason is that your busy weekend adds to the unattractiveness. it so funny to us that we took a picture, not of me. yet. they wanted me to do it, and refused. one of our staffers is brave enough. she looks great. we needed somebody more humdrum. she is too pretty, but i think she looks the same. can you tell which one is 330 in which one is not? okay. the one on the right. i don't know. i think that this is nonsense meant to make all of us women really extra pair and ardent free 30 and wednesday's. for now on and going in my office in closing the door. >> this rule does not apply to the fox studio where everybody always looks great. >> i love you. >> before we walk into hair and makeup. i walked in here around 330. alice tully was not a pretty sight. >> added tell you that. >> if you drink on sunday the
one do you prefer? >> we mike munies and taxable munies based upon pricing and valuation. we like the fact that the munies will be less correlated to our equity portfolios while corporate bonds are better value than governments, they will have a higher correlation to the equity markets. if you will tell people to underweight bonds as an asset class and perhaps overweight stocks you don't necessarily want to then double up the overweight in bond bond sectors highly correlated to the bond market. david: delaware high muni bond is one you particularly like, right? >> in that sector, it is okay, yes. lauren: people like munies because they're looking for tax-free income, right? john donaldson, haverford vice president and director of fixed income. thank you very much. appreciate your perspective tonight. >> thanks a lot. david: let the fighting resume. today it is back to work for congress. battle lines continue to be drawn between those who want big government and those who want big government budget cuts. we'll take you to the front line. that is the capitol. we have the latest as t
weapons systems. in other words, he's saying the national security is at risk. that's what mike mullen said former admiral joint chiefs of staff. what do you think of the comment there? >> well, i'd want to see the comment, but we can't let it become that kind of choice. we have to have a defense that can do the job of prereceiverring and protecting our freedoms and standing up for american safety, for instance, wherever they may be around the world. at the same time we need to have entitlement programs. i'm for investing in young people. i am for protecting older people. my mother thought that she had paid for everything she drew out of medicare bless her heart but paid into medicare 20000 and drew out 100,000. there needs to be reforms. we have to control spending across the board. look at the pentagon. i'm not opposed to that. you need a sensible defense program reflecting what the needs are today in to protect the country and defend our bogses around the world. liz: senator, how much of the problem is the
praying otherwise. what is god to do? probably back away and let us decide. mike said they are the first to cry separation of church and state. from row, separation of church and state, can't have it both ways. if you want the government out of the church, church stay out of government. i am against gun laws just for the record. thank you, everybody. appreciate your input on facebook. union membership at its lowest level since 1916. who are the political and economic winners and losers in all of this? the answer is next. ♪ [ slap! ] [ slap! slap! slap! slap! ] ow! ow! [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium-rich tums starts working so fast you'll forget you had heartburn. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums stuart: we are on full time record high watch for the dow today. look where it is now, 13862 up another 37. starbucks got a lot of company here and in asia. nicole petallides, the coffee giant reported stronger than expected sales and matched wall street expectations. shares on a rise 4%. bad news, let's go to has row. less demand for toys than e
old to run for congress, 89 years old mike the new jersey senator frank lautenberg, considering a 6th term-- not 6th term, 6th year in office seriously, taking him up to 95, really? and louisiana senator david vitter is trying to stop it considering term limits in congress. he'll tell us about that 10:15 eastern time this morning. what did you think about term limits in congress? let us know on facebook and e-mail us, please, thursday morning, seven early movers, here we go. higher profits and disappointing outlook at the data storage company. melnox. and wift transportation is up big. disappointing from the flash memory maker sandisk, barely changed. terradyne makes chip making and down beat outlook. it's down 4%. better than expected forecast from the network equipment maker fx networks, it's up. and pose-it notes in your desk? most people do. 3-m make them. reports higher profits on strong sales and it's up today not by much. it's the world's biggest biotech it, better than expected forecast from amgen. moving up again, only just. dow is up. 13,800 is where
're in trouble. are you or anyone else in illinois going to do a mike dirk mickelson or sarkozy in do you see a lot of tax refugees pouring out of illinois, you think? >> all i hear now is rhetoric and chatter. there are a lot of folks considering the move, you know, but, still, we have a housing market that doesn't let guys get underneath the houses easily yet in illinois. there are a lot of things that really prohibit you from moving that quickly, but given the chance to move, i know a lot of folks that would absolutely. if you don't have to go that far, indiana, iowa, or wisconsin to get your place into an aaa rating, and it's communeble to work, especially wisconsin and indiana. we're not far from places to live, but have to get up to date here. stuart: keep us up to date. >> i will, i will. stuart: the woman who runs facebook says as women become more successful, they are less liked. on top of that, it's the woman who has two jobs, work and home. we have a successful woman sitting with us here, congresswoman marsha blackburn, republican from tennessee. i called you "congresswoman," you d
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)

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